“Pulse of Perth” Featured in RAC Horizons and Nine Newspapers

Pulse of Perth

The “Pulse of Perth” analysis recently completed for the RAC was featured in WAToday and syndicated Nine newspapers nationwide (such as the Age and the SMH). Articles were also published by the RAC and iMove CRC.

The analysis aimed to visualise and analyse the trends apparent within the Perth public transport system on an average weekday. SmartRider data was used in aggregate form to dissect travel patterns through metropolitan Perth.

Some interesting findings from the analysis are:

  • around 360,000 passenger boardings are made each day;
  • around 100,000 passenger boardings are made between 7:00am and 9:00am;
  • during the busiest hour (7:20am to 8:20am) almost 63,000 people board public transport, equivalent to 52,450 carloads of people (based on 1.2 persons/car);
  • the average trip distance is 13 kilometres;
  • the average trip time is 18.5 minutes;
  • more than 920 buses and 45 trains are in service at 8.00am, carrying around 21,750 onboard passengers.

The Pulse of Perth project was led by Dr Chao Sun with analysis completed by Tristan Reed and Yan Ji.