Cost-Benefit Analyis seminar series off to a good start

CBA Seminar

Today marked the first in a series of seminars regarding cost-benefit analysis to be undertaken by Dr Sae Chi.

In association with the Departments of Transport and Lands, Planning and Heritage, Dr Chi is undertaking a series of seminars to inform and educate practioners on how to develop cost-benefit analyses, namely economic assessment of transport projects.

Dr Chi’s seminar series consists of an introductory session, an intermediate session and an advanced session which are to be attended depending on prior experience.

The introductory session introduces the fundamentals of a cost-benefit analysis and explains the calculations of the benefits that are commonly included in a road project, giving an understanding of the basic idea behind the analysis.

The intermediate session provides practical tips on how to set up a spreadsheet to get started on building a cost-benefit analysis model, alongside covering most of topics to be aware of when conducting a cost-benefit analysis.

The advanced session covers the theoretical background of some of complex issues in cost-benefit analysis, including key economic theories.

If you are interested in discussing cost-benefit analysis, including organising further seminars for your team, please contact PATREC using the details on this website.