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Smith, B. & Taplin, J. (2015). Derivation of demand elasticities from travel choice elasticitiesJournal of Transport Economics and Policy, 49(1)

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Review Matrix Report A [PDF, 2.0 MB] Updated 15 Jan 2015 [DOC, 5.3 MB] Updated 15 Jan 2015Congestion Abatement through Travel Demand Management. Authors: Dr C. Babb, Dr M. Moniruzzaman, Prof S. Biermann, Ass/Prof B. Smith (Project Leader) – 2014 PATREC TDM

Review Matrix Report A [PDF, 2.0 MB] Updated 15 Jan 2015 [DOC, 5.3 MB] Updated 15 Jan 2015

PATREC TDM Review Matrix Report B [PDF, 532.3 KB] Updated 15 Jan 2015 [DOC, 2.3 MB] Updated 15 Jan 2015

Transport Modelling Review: Independent Review. Authors: Prof J. Taplin, Prof M. Taylor, Prof S. Biermann, A/Prof Doina Olaru (Project Leader) – 20142014 – Transport Modelling Review [PDF, 1.9 MB] Updated 29 Jul 2014 [DOC, 7.9 MB]Updated 31 Jul 2014

Perth’s South West Metropolitan Railway: Balancing benefits and costs. Authors: Adjunct Assoc Prof P. Lawrence, J. Georgiades, C. Holling, Dr C. Townsend, C. Curtis, Assoc Prof J. Kenworthy,Prof J. Taplin, Prof F. Affleck – 2004 [PDF, 700.5 KB] Updated 29 Jul 2014 [DOC, 4.7 MB] Updated 5 Nov 2014

Activity Centres: Making Land Use and Transport Work – PDF

Activity Centre Accessibility – PDF

Stated Preference Surveys: Experimental Design – PDF

Congestion Abatement through Travel Demand Management – PDF

Transport Modelling Review: Independent Review – PDF

Review of Infrastructure Financing Options for Transport in Western Australia – PDF

Measurement of Rail Safety Culture – An Australian Sample Author: Dr I. Hart – 2014 – PDF

Competition Policy and Railway Investment – Project Summary – PDF

The Networked Firm: A Framework for RBV – PDF

Railways and the Just Price – PDF

Preliminary investigation into benchmarking the safety culture in the Australian rail industry – PDF

Future Directions in Railway Management and Regulation – PDF

Economic Regulation of Railways in Logistics Chains – PDF

Transit-Oriented Development in Western Australia: Obstacles and Opportunities – PDF

Transformation of the Australian Car Fleet: Likely Responses to Current and Projected Petrol Price – PDF

Universities Travel Smart Resource Kit – PDF