John Taplin Inaugural Memorial Lecture: What does intelligent mobility through MaaS add to sustainability?

Hensher Lecture Image

David A. Hensher, PhD, FASSA
Founder and Director of the
Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS)
The University of Sydney Business School

Download a copy of David’s lecture slides by clicking here.

A YouTube video of Prof. Hensher’s presentation, including questions and answers.

A move towards transport centred on a range of convenient coordinated services, rather than personally-owned modes, known as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), contributes to an intelligent and exciting future. This lecture provided an overview of MaaS and how it can be conceptualised as a framework within which new societal and business opportunities for delivering multi-modal mobility services to the market might be achieved. With MaaS being a relatively recent development, Professor Hensher identified some of its key pre-conditions, as well as the many challenges in delivering MaaS to the market, including the hype and rhetoric. He also reported on evidence from the recently completed Sydney MaaS trial.