Research opportunities for students

Post-Graduate Research

PATREC collaborates with our university partners in the supervision of Masters and PhD research topics. Contact us to discuss further if you have a research proposal in line with PATREC focus areas.

Below shows a list of potential topics we suggest.

Current opportunities

Detailed Alternate Modal Trip Cost Comparison

Defining and testing a framework to consider a wider range of costs for trips taken using different modes and provide a method to compare costs for different modes for a specified journey

‘Missed Connections’ in the Perth Public Transport Network

Developing and evaluating a methodology to identify areas within the Perth PT network where minor changes in routing and timing of services can yield improvements to the user experience by minimising the number of transfers and transfer time. 

Transport infrastructure investment assessment in an age of disruption

Proposing the best approach and practice to deal with the disruption and uncertainties.

Measuring and quantifying externalities in WA

Measuring and quantifying externalities for WA. Properly measured and quantified externalities ensure that the costs to society are measured and quantified properly.

Other topics


  • Supply side: Simulating the traffic impact of AVs and CAVs & Demand responsive transport
  • Demand side: Modelling how AVs/CAVs might change transport demand through integrated land use – transport modelling

Data analytics

  • Applying machine learning and other data analytics to traffic data such as short-term traffic prediction
  • Smart card data analysis for Public Transport

Artificial Intelligence for traffic

  • Optimisation for road network (pavement scheduling etc.)
  • Perimeter control of traffic network
  • Computer vision for traffic analysis

Information for students


The PhD programs are fully supported by the providing university. Please refer to the university funding rules.

How do I apply?

PhD applications are processed by the providing university. Please refer the university process of the PhD applications. Make sure you have contacted the responsible researcher before you apply.

How long does it take?

PhD programs usually run for 3 years if you study full-time. Please refer to the university rules.

I'm interested in the topic. What do I do now?

Contact us if you see a topic that you would like to study, so that we can explain what's next.