Publication of Planning Boomtown and Beyond

The Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC) is pleased to announce the release of Planning Boomtown and Beyond, edited by Sharon Biermann, Doina Olaru and Valerià Paül.

A collaborative effort of PATREC’s academic, policy and consulting associates, this book has been published to communicate the results of PATREC’s applied research undertaken in support of policy in the connected spaces of transport and land use planning in Western Australia.

It assembles an inspiring collection of analyses, cases and policy options and shows possibilities for the modern-day boomtown of Perth, on a trajectory to almost double its population by 2050. It provides guidance in developing the vision, foresight and preparedness necessary in planning and managing both the positive and negative consequences of boomtowns across time and space.

The book is available from UWA Publishing. Please contact PATREC for further enquiries. Individual book chapters can be downloaded from the Books section of this website.

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