Integrated land use and transport futures

Land Use

Well-integrated land use and transport systems are central to achieving efficient and sustainable travel patterns.  These in turn lead to optimal economic, social and environmental outcomes for urban futures.

 PATREC’s contribution to improving land use and transport integration – now and into the future – is sought to inform the implementation of Perth & Peel@3.5million and associated Transport@3.5 plans. 

The development and application of custom leading-edge technology (allowing for enhanced feedback between urban land use and transport systems) further supports this process.

PATREC’s work in Integrated Land Use is extensive.  Included also is research into the dynamics of sub-regional employment in respect of employment type and associated transport systems interactions.

PATREC research and insights enlighten policymakers at State and local government level on emerging land use and transport policy challenges which include, yet are not limited to: engendering employment self-sufficiency;the effective balancing of place and transport function,the creation of vibrant, active spaces to counter urban sprawlmatters relating to strategic planning objectives..