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The Transport Portfolio is about people. People who need to get to work, home and everywhere in between, and businesses that rely on road, rail, air and sea to deliver billions of dollars in goods and services each year. The Portfolio’s vision is a better future for Western Australians through connected, resilient, safe and sustainable transport solutions. WA’s three key transport agencies the Department of Transport, Main Roads WA and the Public Transport Authority work together and collaborate with other stakeholders to deliver an integrated and optimised transport network, improving the quality of lives and the environment.

Ipsos is a global leader in market and social research, with offices in 90 countries. In Australia and New Zealand we have a team specialising in transport research for government, academia and the private sector. We use traditional methodologies such as face-to-face, online, postal and telephone surveys; and more advanced technologies including GPS and spatial mapping. Areas of Ipsos research expertise include household & commercial travel; origin & destination; mode choice; safety; communications development, evaluation and monitoring; infrastructure; community sentiment & perceptions; stated preference; active transport, public transport, MaaS; and behaviour change. Contact us to discuss your next project.

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SIDRA SOLUTIONS is an innovative and forward-thinking company that has developed powerful traffic engineering software used by transport professionals worldwide. These tools have been created to help achieve better solutions to challenges in the areas of road traffic operations, design, planning and environmental assessment. Their greatest success has been the ongoing development of SIDRA INTERSECTION – a highly renowned package used for intersection and network capacity, level of service, performance, and signal timing analysis. This software is licenced in 84 countries.

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Would your organisation like to show its support for the ATRF Conference?

By supporting and participating in the 2023 ATRF Conference, your organisation will benefit by:

• Gaining access to the latest thinking and research in transport, both in Australasia and internationally;

• Providing a professional development opportunity for individuals currently working in transport and for the education of those who will work in the field in the future;

• Having the opportunity to guide the direction of future research programs through the identification of emerging transport challenges; and

• Gaining access and the opportunity to scout for talent to build transport policy, planning and economics capability within your organisation.

We depend on our sponsors to keep the registration fees affordable, encouraging attendance. There are a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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