New Project: Identifying opportunities to address transport disadvantage

The provision of transport infrastructure and services plays a critical role in connecting communities to essential services, as well as to employment and social activities. A lack of access to transport can lead to disadvantage in many forms and can be influenced by many variables.
To better understand transport disadvantage in Greater Perth this project will involve a literature review and stakeholder interviews to identify and apply locally relevant indicators to guide the estimation of the extent, spatial distribution, and nature of transport disadvantage in the Greater Perth region.

Drawing on the findings, an overview of how transport disadvantage is affecting travel decisions will be provided. Recomendations for further action by all levels of government and other key service providers will be developed, with the aim of building upon existing approaches to address areas of need.

The recommendations will identify the potential for new and research-informed initiatives that builds upon existing approaches and local experience contributing to addressing the needs of the beneficiaries (i.e. transport users, governments and community).

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