New Project: Working from home: Changes in transport demand in Perth

We have recently been awarded a new project which aims to ascertain the extent to which Working from Home (WFH) has been undertaken and will continue to be, focusing on Perth, WA. Digging deeper, the project will look at aspects such as:

  • the productivity impact when WFH is compared to the workplace, from the perspectives of individuals, employers, and the economy at large
  • the proportion of reduced travel demand that is attributable to WFH
  • the utility of WFH as a future demand management tool for the mitigation of congestion on all transport networks
  • the potential for higher levels of WFH to enable expansions of the transport network to be deferred or avoided; and the facilitation steps that would be required if it became desirable to expand the level of WFH in the longer term

Find more information on iMOVE website: Link