New Project: A Smart Transport Technology Roadmap for Perth

We have recently been awarded a new project which will aim to develop the Smart Transport Technology Roadmap to identify and progress the deployment of promising technologies that can best address key transport and mobility challenges in Perth, Western Australia (WA) over the next three to five years. The broad objectives for this project are to:

  • Understand key mobility challenges and opportunities, as well as community needs, in Perth that smart transport technologies could respond to
  • Identify a broad range of smart transport technologies and explore their “Perth potential”
  • Determine feasible options and arrive at a recommended option and pathway to the deployment of smart transport technologies in Perth (considering key drivers, barriers and enablers, as well as opportunities to be created for WA and Australia)
  • Provide a compelling case for increased State and Federal government investment in smart transport technology priorities and support increased community understanding of the benefits to be realised

Find more information on iMOVE website: Link