New Project: Econometrics, land use inputs, and strategic transport models

We have recently been awarded a new project which will improve the interactions between urban transport and land use systems, especially at the level of individual decision makers (households and enterprises). It will approach this through the provision of advanced econometric support in a practical implementation of a bid-rent model structure and parameter estimation as part of a newly established land use model. This will produce robust and high-quality household and business activity inputs to transport modelling.

This is necessary to facilitate the understanding of impacts of new and emerging transport technologies and behaviour changes (including the effects of autonomous vehicles, shared vehicle ownership, shared car driving and ride-sharing, and voluntary household behavioural change), enabling the land use model to better estimate behavioural responses through the incorporation of location choices of households and business.

This research will contribute to providing an enhanced understanding of:

  • the econometrics theory underlying the model
  • estimating and using the bid function

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