PATREC Researchers Present Work at Australasian Transportation Research Forum

ATRF Conference 2019

The 41st Australasian Transportation Research Forum (ATRF) was held this week in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory and featured PATREC researchers presenting their work to government, academia and private industry. The ATRF was co-founded by the late John Taplin, a long time PATREC associate and is the pre-eminient forum for transportation research in Australia.

Dr. Brett Smith presented a paper written by himself, A/Prof. Doina Olaru and Xiaolin Tan that discussed the results of an on-board survey of an autonomous vehicle, revealing new insights of what users of autonomous shuttles think about them.

A/Prof. Doina Olaru presented a paper written by herself, Dr. Teresa Harms and Cate Pattinson regarding the use of wearable technology to analyse daily active travel behaviour, which takes advantage of new wearable technologies to gather more data about human activity.

Tristan Reed presented a paper written by himself and Dr. Linda Robson discussing the RailSmart PSS and how it can be used to gain new insights in transport planning, through the combination of tools which it provides.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in due course and will be made available to website users at such time.